Tap Water Purification Tips – 3 Ways to Remove Cancer Causing Chemicals From Your Tap Water

The best thing about bottled water is that you know the quality of the tap water, you know what the minerals are and you know where your water comes from. Many of the major brands use municipal treated water to create their bottled waters. Here are some tips on how to better treat your own water at home.

Water filtering systems can be a fantastic way to purify your water. You can also use distillation to clean your water and have the most purity possible.

There are many different steps that need to be taken in order to take pure water and bring it back into your home. We will cover some of these in the following paragraphs.

Distillation is a fairly simple process and only requires two different steps. Distillation requires a heat source and you will want to purchase a canister with the right temperature. With distillation you take the water and place it in a closed container, either an old water jug or a pot that has a lid.

After the distillation process you want to inspect the water for any impurities. Once you have confirmed that there are no contaminants the water can be cleaned with a second heat source such as a stove burner or even your water supply. The heat source is used to make the water vaporize.

The water vaporizes and gives off oxygen, which draws all the impurities to the top. You then siphon the water out of the second heat source and return it to the clean water jug or pot.

If you have a chlorine filter cartridge installed in your home that is filled with water filters, you can simply switch them out with the new ones when the cartridge gets dirty. If you don’t have a chlorine filter cartridge, you can still use chlorination to purify the water and save money. When using an agent to clean the water, you want to clean it with a good quality detergent and an abrasive that is designed for hard water. You can simply run them through the faucet to clean the water.

For our next trip we want to touch on how you can add more trace minerals to your water as well as a little bit about natural mineral content. Minerals have been proven to make you healthier and have been found to protect against cancer and other diseases.

Wellness is one of the companies that offer one of the most effective water purification methods. They have a long standing reputation for making water that you can trust.

Any water purification system that has the ability to remove chlorine and cysts will work as well. Again, these are both byproducts of the municipal treatment process that are known to cause certain diseases.

Clean water and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. So take some time and learn how to clean up your water in a safe and natural way.