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Solutions and Services

Problems only have solutions

Simply put – We understand Trade Effluent

For over 15 years Pulsonic Technologies have been a leading provider of trade effluent monitoring and treatment solutions to industry. Through our consultative and analytical approach we work with customers of all sizes to find the most effective solution to their specific requirements.

Pulsonic Technologies have the knowledge and skills to solve everything from the most basic of flow measurement requirements through to full monitoring and treatment systems for difficult trade effluent. So whether you’re having issues keeping within your consents, or are considering ways to reduce your effluent bill, Pulsonic Technologies are your one stop trade effluent shop.

Pulsonic Technologies bring together skills and expertise in:

  • Instrumentation
  • Chemical and biological analysis
  • Control panels
  • Site surveys
  • Pumping stations
  • Full effluent treatment plants
  • Dosing systems
  • Ground works and drains
  • Effluent bill analysis and cost reduction plans

We are a one stop shop for total solutions in the waste water industry. Our highly knowledgeable staff will always give each project the individual attention it requires to offer the most effective bespoke solution to each problem, with the aim of achieving waste water discharge compliance and effluent bill reduction where possible. Whatever your requirements, we bring them together under a single management process, meaning you only have one company to provide a comprehensive solution to all your problems.

COD is a measure of the amount of oxygen stripped from your effluent as it decays. By installing an effluent treatment plant you can substantially reduce the COD content of your effluent by as much as 90%. COD makes up around 65% of the pence per litre part of your effluent bill and therefore a reduction in COD will give a proportionate reduction in you effluent bills. Payback on treatment plants is often achieved within 12 to 18 months.

No two effluent streams are the same; from food, to dairy, to abattoirs, to renderers to chemical industries, they all present a different challenge but importantly they can lead to considerable effluent bills. With over 15 years experience in the waste water industry, Pulsonic Technologies, based in West Yorkshire, understand trade effluent waste and work with companies to design and install cost effective solutions and provide ongoing environmental partnerships.

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) is becoming a major problem to the Water Companies as FOG backs up the drain networks and causes blockages in pumping stations. Not only is it a problem for Water Companies but processing companies will find FOG causing internal blocked drains, increasing water bills due to higher COD charges, increased rodent problems on premises and risk of prosecution.

Pulsonic Technologies provide highly targeted solutions based on your individual circumstances. By utilising a combination of effective bacterial dosing and the new Greasebuster Fat Skimmer, you will have peace of mind that your FOG levels will be drastically reduced and you will not be breaching consent limits.

Good quality oil and fats recovered can ofter be sold on to Renderers for up to £180 per m³.

Water companies are increasingly targeting companies that breach their pH consent since unbalanced effluent entering the sewer network can erode their sewer pipes resulting in major costs. Normally pH has to be between 6 and 10 but variations can be imposed.

Many effluent streams need pH balancing before being discharged from site particularly from companies such as food manufacturers that have a high organic waste stream which decays to acid. Pulsonic Technologies specialise in chemical dosing systems adapted to site requirements. From small balancing tanks to systems integrating full aeration mixers and proportional pH dosing control, Pulsonic Technologies offer a cost effective solution for your needs.

Pulsonic Technologies Biological Waste Bacterial Treatment Plants provide processing companies with the means and processes to significantly reduce their final effluent bill by breaking down organic compounds in the waste stream. Often, a Bio-reactor can give a payback through bill reduction in 2 years.

Our natural biological products are used in the petroleum, food and agriculture, and hazardous waste industries to degrade target substances in waste water systems. A bio-reactor reduces COD, Suspended solids and targeted substances such as fats, phenols, sulphates, etc.

Waste producing entities such as food service facilities and processing operations can assist waste water treatment plants by using this biotechnology to augment and accelerate the natural recycling process. Pulsonic Technologies provides industry with a tailored series of biological digestants – 100% natural products.

Remember! A Bioreactor saves you money, improves the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Industrial waste treatment

Bacteria specifically selected to degrade target substances in wastewater systems:

  • Fats and Oils
  • Fuels and Ethanol
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Beverage and Alcohol

Remove non-biodegradable materials. Treat industrial sludge to meet stringent discharge standards. Reduce wastewater effluent charges.

Municipal waste treatment

Reduce organic acids, ammonia and toxic substances

Control odor

Increase wastewater treatment efficiency

Reduce plant upsets from shock

Industrial & Institutional Clean Solutions

Cleaners, odour control, and maintenance products utilizing natural processes in combination with green chemistry to produce cost-effective replacements for most cleaners.

  • Bulk and concentrated solutions for formulators
  • Turnkey, contract packaging of fully formulated liquids, powders and waster-soluble pouches
  • Odour control blocks


Grow higher quality crops…have greener fairways and reduce impacts on land and dependency on chemicals and reduce input costs.

  • Turf builder
  • Turf dethatcher
  • Biological soil amendment
  • Plant growth activator

Case Studies

Click to open: Cake and Dessert Manufacturer



Excessive fats oils and greases (FOG) were causing blockages at the local utility pumping station and generating high COD, suspended solids and low pH.


Installation of a bacterial treatment plant comprising:

• Pumping station

• Bacterial reactor with integral fat skimmer

• pH balancing system

• Flow and waste water sampling equipment


• FOG reduced to below 500mg/l from 60,0000mg/l

• COD reduced to 4000mg/l from 15,000mg/l

• pH balanced to 7.6

Click to open: Bakery



High COD, FOG, suspended solids and low pH generated from the bakery process were all outside consent levels.


Installation of a bacterial treatment plant comprising:

• A settlement tank dosed with coagulant to drop out solids into sludge. Sludge is then removed every 6 weeks.

• A fat skimmer to remove light oils

• Flow and refrigerated waste water sampling equipment


• FOG reduced to below 300mg/l from 20,0000mg/l

• COD reduced to 4000mg/l from 15,000mg/l

• pH balanced to 7.6

Click to open: Fruit Processing Plant



The acidic waste from a fruit processing plant was generating low pH and causing corrosion in the local sewer network. In addition fruit waste was generating extremely high suspended solids.


Installation of a bacterial treatment plant comprising:

• Install a wedge wire screen to remove solids

• Install a pH balancing system

• Install Flow and waste water sampling equipment


• Suspended solids reduced to below 500mg/l from 12,000mg/l

• pH balanced to 7.6