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Benefits of Choosing Pulsonic Technologies

We are an ISO 9001 registered company, and this ensures that our customer services and products comply with stringent international quality standards. An annual audit of the company by outside certification bodies guarantees that these standards are maintained from year to year.

We are a One-Stop shop solutions provider of water, wastewater and process monitoring systems. Because we deal with all aspects of monitoring from system design, to installation, to telemetry, etc. it means you only have one company dealing with your problem solving, making it a simple, uncomplicated process.

We are the manufacturers of the instruments, which means that, as opposed to a distributor, we understand the technicalities of the instruments and their operational performance. This means that, because you are dealing direct with the manufacturer, we can give you better-informed solutions and better service support.

Our experienced staff will ensure that you are provided with a solution that fully fits your requirements. Our sales engineering staff are trained in all aspects of instrument monitoring and once an order is placed our salesmen work closely with our design and installation engineers to ensure that our proposed solution is fully effective. Our service staff are trained in electrical and instrument installation and are certified for working in confined spaces.

Health & Safety is given the highest priority at Pulsonic Technologies. We ensure that only competent staff attend site and that all personal and company safety precautions are complied with. It is normal for our staff to carry out a risk assessment before starting an installation and method statements are provided to the customer, detailing how the work will be performed. We are proud that our ISO9001 certification covers in addition to our products, the service capability of the company.

After Sales support is offered in several ways including a dedicated engineering support line and service contracts tailored to ensure that your systems are maintained in such a way that it complies with both yours, and where applicable, the regulatory requirements.

We have proven experience in the field of process control and waste water monitoring and we will be more than pleased to supply any referrals or any information that will assist in assuring you how competent we are in this field.

Our instruments are designed specifically for the water, waste water and process control markets and offer the highest performance. In particular our open-channel flow systems have been independently validated as being the most advanced and the most accurate in the market. This means that you can be confident that your water bills have been correctly calculated.

Pulsonic Technologies operates at the forefront of technology with a programme of continuous research and development of new products. The company is known for its innovative designs and is holder of several DTI and European awards for its developments in technology.

Can you really afford not to choose Pulsonic Technologies?