Model 2201 Wall Mounted Waste Water Sampler

Collecting water samples for laboratory
analysis is becoming more and more important with the
continuing growth in water pollution legislation and in the
tariffs placed on industry for effluent discharge.

The Environmental Division of Pulsonic Technologies has
introduced to their portfolio a range of samplers that are
designed to suit a diverse range of applications

Based on the tried and tested peristaltic pump the model 2201
sampler is designed specifically to collect composite samples
of trade effluent discharges. A simple to operate electronic
controller facilitates differing sampling regimes thus
enabling sample collection based on:



Non-uniform Time

The model 2201 Sampler is an intelligent choice for your
sampling needs. A revolutionary pump at the heart of this
sampler significantly increases pump tubing life without
sacrificing pump performance. Innovative fluid detection
technology and an intelligent yet simple to operate
controller makes this one of the most reliable samplers on
the market today.

Advanced programming is based on a user friendly menu which
supports many sampling strategies which include:

Datalogging, flow proportional, flow proportional with
sampling delay, time paced, sampling on an external device
trigger, program delay time or flow, manual test, Uniform and
non uniform time intervals, bottle full indication etc.


Size 200(h)x300(w)x180(d) Maximum Lift 8.5m
Weight 4.8Kg Accuracy +/- 5%

IP65 Inputs Contact closure

4-20mA 0–5vDC
Temperature 0 – 50°C Sample size 10ltrs

Pulsonic Technologies are innovators in
Ultrasonics Technology. Contact the Research Division should
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