Pulsonic Pulsar 420

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Intelligent Level Transmitter

  • Single Point Transmitter

sensor and processing electronics all contained in single enclosure.

  • 4-20mA Output Computed As Direct Units of Level or Distance

  • Simply Programmed

the unit is programmed via either a laptop (using Windows 95) or a personal organizer (using a standard communications package). There is no additional software to purchase.

  • Intelligent Diagnostics

Level, distance and engineering parameters can be viewed directly on a laptop or a personal organizer.

  • High-Resolution Sensor

operating at 80kHz, the ultrasonic sensor offers the highest operating performance available.

  • High-Resolution Output

With a 12 bit ADC the analogue retransmission output resolution is better than 0.05%.

  • Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure

using a strong structural Polyurethane foam housing, the unit conforms to IP65 weatherproof rating.

  • Built-In Temperature Compensation

an integral temperature sensor maintains accuracy of the ultrasonic signal at all time.

  • Wide Operating Range

operating distances: 0.25 to 6.0m or 0.4 to 12.0m .

  • Simple Installation

easily installed using flange or bracket mountings.

  • Low Cost

low purchase cost – low maintenance cost.

  • Ideal For Plc And Scada Integration

the Pulsar 420’s simplicity and versatility make it an ideal solution for integration into multi-sensory applications.

High Performance 4-20mA Level Transmitter

Recognising the need for a low cost, smart and highly accurate transmitters for the water, wastewater and process industries, Pulsonic Technologies have launched the Pulsonic Pulsar 420 for level applications at OEM prices.

As all software is embedded in the Pulsar 420, the user can access the programming mode by using Hyperterminal in Microsoft Windows Accessories menu, or a VT100 communications programme if using a personal organizer. The major benefit of this is that the Pulsar can easily be programmed either in the field or the factory prior to installation. An added feature of the Pulsar is the ability to read real time level values and perform engineering diagnostics when connected to a PC or personal organiser.

Not only does the Pulsar contain the latest electronic technologies, but also includes new, advanced ultrasonic sensors. Using ultrasonic transmission frequencies far in excess of our competitors, and specially researched acoustic materials, the Pulsar can truly claim to be world-beaters where high resolution, fast response and high performance are required.