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  • Universal Smart Meter (Environmental)

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Universal pH and Redox meter.

The Universal Smart Meter (USM) is a low cost versatile and compact wall mounted meter.

Aimed primarily at simple pH & redox control applications, the instruments retain only the most important functions to enable low cost but effective measurement and control for most pH and Redox applications. The USM is IP54 rated and comes complete with 2 programmable relays and an isolated 4-20mA output.

Coming Shortly

The USM will shortly be available as a low cost open channel flow meter and a low cost ultrasonic level meter.

Low Cost and Compact

By only including functions that are most commonly used this provides two benefits; it reduces the purchase price and offers a small compact enclosure without compromising quality or reliability. It boasts a large, clear blue graphics display with a tactile keypad and measures only 120x150x42mm.

Simple to Programme

As with all Pulsonic products we have ensured that the unit is simple to programme with clear no-nonsense instructions on the large blue and white graphics display. Calibration is extremely simple as the user is guided through each step by the instrument. The user also gets feedback on the quality of the pH probe when calibrating and the software ensures that it cannot be incorrectly programmed.

Instant and Accurate readings

The USM utilizes a Femtoamp low noise input amplifier to give the most accurate readings possible. Often with low cost pH meters pH reading drift because the input stage is of poor quality. Not with the USM; it has the highest possible input impedance which gives reliable stable and accurate readings with a fast update time.

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SPECIFICATION Universal Smart Meter – pH / Redox
Input A good combination electrode
Range 0 – 14.00pH or 0 – (+/-) 500mV
Temperature Range 25 degC
Display Graphic LCD 124×64 dots Negative Blue: 4 Digit Display, 4-20mA graph, Relay Status. 2 Red LED
Set Points 2 minimum / maximum selectable contacts SPDT
Action ON/OFF
Current Output 0 – 20 mA / 4 – 20 mA isolated
Zero +/- 2.0 pH
Slope 85% – 112%
Mains Supply 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz. Switched-mode Power supply
Power Consumption 5VA
Weight 450 grams. Wall Mount Version
Dimensions 190 x 125 x 47