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Tomorrows Measurement Technology – Here Today

The USI is the most powerful and innovative measurement technology on the market today and is packed with features and benefits no other manufacturer can offer.

The USI provides universal measurement of level, flow and environmental parameters all in one package. It is as simple to operate as a home computer and leads the market by giving the highest level of instantly accessible data of any instrument in its field.

Its innovative technology sets itself apart from traditional instruments by utilising dynamic software and powerful processors as used in the latest smart phones and satellite navigation systems to give the user a truly smart instrument.

The USI offers unrivalled ease of programming and operation through the use of a touch screen full colour graphic display and Windows based programming. This means programming is intuitive which does away with complex programming manuals by ensuring all information is readily available on-screen to the user. Never before has an industrial instrument been so simple to operate.

One Instrument Multi-functional Measurement

• Level Measurement

• Open Channel Flow Measurement

• Area Velocity Flow Measurement

• pH Measurement

• Environmental Parameter measurement including Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox

Just think of the money saved if you were to measure flow, turbidity and pH all in one instrument. Never mind just the cost but think of the efficiency, smaller take up on space and less cabling.

Windows Based Programming

Beautifully Simple – Windows CE is now recognized as a reliable and easy to use operating system. We are all familiar with its use in everyday life from computers to ATM machines. Pulsonic Technologies are proud to be the first company in this field to take the step forward to integrate Windows based programming into an industrial process and control instrument. User friendly drop down menus, pop-up keypads, clear intuitive programming, pictorial graphics, visual representation of tanks, fast pick and selection of parameters, measurement simulation, both graphical and text displays, full colour background all combine to make the USI a truly user friendly experience.

Intuitive Programming

Pulsonic Technology recognises that most industrial control products are a nightmare to programme and often come with a 200 page or more manual. Confusion and uncertainty often reigns when programming such instruments and small multiline displays give little feedback to the user.

Hence, the USI offers a new dimension in intuitive programming. The software is wholly consumer orientated and intentionally designed to give the user a positive programming experience, without confusion and without uncertainty. Programming options are instantly available through tab menus and give clear and precise options. Graphics are used to give clear choices when appropriate and parameter selection is simplicity itself. Programming pages are separated on the graphics display and once programmed the user can simply and easily review his programme choices on a single display screen. Just like a Smart phone the USI is quick and simple to navigate through!

Stunning Display

The USI uses a 7” TFT full colour 840×480 display to give sharp images and clear programming screens. In level applications tank shapes are selected from a pictorial map which does away with complicated programme selection as used by other manufacturers. Relays can be chosen from drop down menus and a graphical simulator is available to enable the user to simulate filling and emptying a tank in order to check his process control choice. All information is clearly displayed thus avoiding confusion and uncertainty often found when programming other less advanced products.

The user even has the option to change background, text and shape colours to compensate for different ambient light conditions.

Digison Intelligent Ultrasonic Sensors

Pulsonic Technologies have developed the worlds most advanced ultrasonic sensors which use Field Programmable Array Processors (FPGA) incorporated into the sensor body. Known for high reliability the FPGA processor can be programmed directly from the USI and parameters such as sensor frequency, firing delay and signal amplitude can all be controlled and adjusted by the user. Available in ranges from 3m to 30m the Digison range of ultrasonic sensors offer unrivalled performance.

For level measurement up to two ultrasonic sensors can be connected to the USI at the same time.

Real Time Echo Processing

Gone is the need to connect a laptop to see echo profiles from the ultrasonic sensor as used by other manufacturers? The innovative USI captures the sensor signal and displays the echo profile on its own display. The user can then use the programme options to discard false echoes from obstructions, put tracking windows around the true echo and use other intelligent software options to enable echo tracking in the most complex of vessels. You have no longer the need to be an expert engineer to use the USI in difficult applications.

Data report

The USI is unique in that the user can display data reports and time elapsed graphs of all measured data directly on its own graphics display without the need to download to a pc or laptop. No other instrument overs this versatility and by simply inserting the date fields required, data is instantly displayed and can be analysed in situ without the need to reload back at the office. Of course if the user wishes the data can be downloaded onto a USB stick in seconds and reloaded onto a separate pc with data displayed through our freely available Windows package “Inquisitor”.

Internal pH meter and Environmental Monitoring

Not satisfied with just offering the USI as an Ultrasonic level and flow meter we have incorporated as standard an internal pH meter. Simply plug in a standard pH probe and away you go.

Environmental monitoring is simply added using our Modbus sensors for Turbidity, Temperature, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen. Now that is power – all in one instrument.

Multiple Communications

The USI has it all – Ethernet connectivity for fast communications, 3×4-20mA inputs and 2×4-20mA outputs, a configurable UART for RS422 or Modbus connection and two USB ports for fast downloading of data.

Optionally, the user can have Profibus or GPRS for internet or mobile data connectivity.

Explosive Power

Incorporating the latest ARM and FPGA processors, full colour 7” graphics display, resistive touchscreen and 512Mbytes of storage the USI is faster and more fluid than any other product available. Moving seamlessly across screens, with up to 20 years of data storage and on screen viewing of stored data both in tabular and graphical form, the USI takes measurement technology to a new level.

Vast Storage

The USI has up to 20 years of storage capacity for level, flow and environmental measurement. Data can either be viewed back through time on the USI itself or downloaded onto a USB stick or by Ethernet to view on own unique windows based reporting software “Inquisitor” which is included with the product.

Remote Monitoring

The USI display screen can be viewed on a remote computer or through a GPRS modem. So at all times you can view the status of the USI without having to leave the office. Great when sites are remote from your base or in numerous locations throughout the country and on rainy days it saves having to get the umbrella out.

The USI supports up to two level sensors chosen from the Digison range.

Programming is simplicity itself and distance, level, volume and tonnes can all be measured and displayed. Difficult parameter programming is out and level programming in the USI is all intuitive through the full colour graphical display. Even tank selection is simple as a vast array of pictorial tank shapes are presented to you for choice and all you have to do is enter the dimensions.
For pump control the USI cannot be beaten and leads the way in no nonsense relay programming. With 6 relays as standard the USI can be programmed for multiple pump control. For pump sequencing all you need to do is choose the pump run number and assign it in order from 1 to 6.

A simulation mode is available so you can simulate the filling and emptying of tanks and check your relay actions without having to physically fill the tank. Literally games play!

Levels can be displayed both in text and graphics.

Unique to the USI is a 20 year data logger which is available for level applications also. The data logging in the USI is second to none. Up to 20 years data storage is available and all data can be displayed on the USI screen or downloaded onto a USI stick and viewed on a PC with the aid of our exclusive report generator “Inquisitor”.

Remote monitoring of the USI running display is available through either Ethernet or GPRS modem.

The flow variant of the USI supports additional environmental monitoring at no extra cost with all the functionality of the flow meter including data storage, graphical and text display, assigned programmable relay actions etc.

Currently the USI supports monitoring of pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature but other parameters can be supported on request.

Environmental monitoring can be performed in two ways:

1. Remote meters: Remote meters with 4-20mA outputs can be directly to the USI and scaled appropriately through the interactive menu. Its simplicity itself!

2. Intelligent Modbus sensors are available from Pulsonic Technologies for environmental monitoring and up to 32 sensors can be daisy chained into the USI. This means there is no need for an independent second meter which provides vast cost savings, is more efficient and requires less space and cabling.

All information related to sensors can be found on the sensors page.

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User Interface
Display 7.0″ High Resolution Full Colour TFT LCD Graphics Display 800×480 Anti-Glare
Programming Touch Screen or Remote Keypad via USB Port
Operating System Windows CE 6.0 R3 (licence included)
Dimensions (mm) 234(H)x264(W)x142(D)
Ratings IP65/DIN VDE 60529 NEMA 12
Approvals ABS Lid UL94 HB/1.6 Polyamide Base UL94 VO/1
Mounting 4 Fixed holes (Optional Wall Brackets or DIN Rail Holder)
Outputs and Communications
Analogue 3×4.20MA Inputs & 2 Isolated Outputs (0.1% resolution) or 0-20mA User Programmable (0.1% resolution)
Digital 1 Standard Ethernet and Configurable UART (RS232, RS422, Modbus) or optional Profibus
Modbus RS485, RTU and ASCII, Baudrate: 9600 or 19200, Parity: None, Even or Odd, Databits: 8, StopBits: 1
Digital 2 2xUSB External 1xUSB Internal
Relays 6 User Programmable SPCO Rated at 16A @230VAC
Supply (AC) Universal Power Supply 85 -240V ~ 1.2A
Supply (DC) 18 – 30V (Optional)
Electronic Performance
Processors Dual Processors with SPARTAN 3AN FPGA and ARM11 CPU
Internet Access Via Ethernet (or optional Wi-Fi)
Logger 512MB NAND Flash plus Internal SD Card.
Temperature Range -20oC to +70oC (- 4oF to + 176oF)
Echo Profiling Real Time Display of Ultrasonic Echoes
Digital Signal Processing Signal Processing programmability to Enable Echo Capture in Hostile Operating Environments
Measurement Parameters Direct Ultrasonic Level, Volume, Tonnes, Differential, Advanced Pump Control, and Open Channel Flow
Measurement Parameters Indirect pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature via Scalable 4-20mA Inputs
Logger Up to 20 Years Logging Capability (Expandable with SD card)
pH Controller Integral Controller for Direct pH Measurement as standard
Transducers Up to 2 transducers for Level and Flow Measurement
Programmability Level, Pump Control, Open Channel Flow, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen.
User Configurable Display for Graphical and Text Presentation, Colour Choice, Tank Shapes, Relays
Smart Transducers ·Digison 12 (Range 3m, Accuracy 0.2% of range, Resolution 1mm) Digison 8 (10m, 0.2%, 1mm), Digison 4 (20m, 0.2%, 2mm), Digison 3 (30m, (0.25% 3mm).
·Temperature Range -20oC to +80oC (- 4oF to + 176oF)
·Environmental Rating IP65.
·User Programmable for Power Output, Response Speed and Sensitivity
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Pulsed Output Pulsed Proportional Output for Level or flow