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Pulsonic Technologies offer a range of sensors as appropriate to their instruments.

Ultrasonic level and flow

Ultrasonic sensors are manufactured from HDPE. All sensors have integral electronics with integral temperature sensor to compensate for changes in ultrasonic velocity with temperature. Sensors come complete with installation kit including a 1” NPT locking and damping washers.

For ultrasonic flow either a Digison 3 or Digison 6 is recommended as they have high frequency transmission which gives high resolution.

Sensor Range

Sensor Type (Range (Metres), Frequency(KHz), standard cable length( Metres)) List Price £
Digison 3 (3, 150, 5) 385.00
Digison 6 (6, 80, 10) 399.00
Digison 10 (10, 60, 12) 459.00
Digison 20 (20, 40, 20) 565.00
Digison 30 (30, 30, 30) 625.00
Additional Cable Lengths £8/metre

The above range is stated for liquids in normal ambient conditions. Where steam, high temperatures or thermal motion present the range can be considerably reduced. For solid measurements the range can again be reduced by up to 50%. Consult Pulsonic for further information on measurement losses.

Environmental Parameter Sensors

The USI supports parameter measurement through its Modbus communications port. It also contains a direct pH sensor input. Modbus will support multiple sensor types on a single input.

Sensor Type List Price £
pH sensor for effluent monitoring(direct input) 199.00
pH sensor (direct input with temperature compensation) 250.00
pH-ORP (Modbus Connection) 620.00
Conductivity (Modbus Connection) 450.00
Digison 30 (30, 30, 30) 625.00
Dissolved Oxygen (Modbus Connection) 664.00
Turbidity (Modbus Connection) 1299.00