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PP9 & PR9 Series
pH & Redox Indicator Controllers

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  • Waste water neutralisation
  • Cooling tower water treatments
  • Plating shop metal finishing tanks
  • Swimming pool water treatments
  • Fume scrubbing

Aimed primarily at simple pH & redox control applications, the instruments retain only the most important functions.

This has two benefits; it reduces the purchase price, and also simplifies the installation and operation of the instrument, without compromising quality or reliability.

Four types are available in the series; the PP9 provides a control/alarm point, which can be set to operate anywhere in the measurement range and a digital display and the PP93 providing two set points plus an isolated 4-20mA output, with both versions available for pH or redox measurements.

Benefits & Features

  • Low Purchase Cost
  • Simple Installation
  • Low Cost of Ownership
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