phredox spec

pH & Redox Specifications



Range of measurement
and control
PP9 0 – 14.00 pH

PR9 ± 1000 mV
Display Backlit 3 ½ digit
Accuracy of measurement 0.5% of full scale ±
1 digit
Temperature compensation Manual 0 – 100 °C
Calibration PP9 By buffer (offset)
and slope adjustment

PR9 Offset adjustment only
Input Cable A good quality low noise
coaxial cable, Pulsonic type

or LN10 equivalent
Alarm control set points PP9, PR9

Single set point with associated changeover relay contacts
rated at 5A 250V AC
Hysteresis (dead band) 1% of full scale
Alarm control lamps Red high intensity LED’s
denoting the state of each
Flow switch input Open contact input disables
relay operation
Output signal PP93 and PR93 only.
Fully isolated 0/4 – 20 mA
Ambient temperature 0 – 50°C for full specification
Power supply 100 – 120 V or 200 – 250
V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Less than 5 VA
Housing Surface mounted flame retardant
Protection IP 66
Weight Less than 800 grams
Dimensions 156 x 176 x 60mm