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Pulsonic Locator V

A single channel non-contact ultrasonic level controller. Extremely simple to programme and operate. Comes complete with 5 relays and analogue, digital outputs. GSM option available. Ideal for process and pump control.


Pulsonic Pulsar 420

A very low cost 3 wire smart level transmitter with a programmable 4-20mA output for level and volume. Powerful programming interface via Windows Hyperterminal. Ideal for multiple tanks and SCADA applications.


Ultrasonic Transducers

A wide range of airborne ultrasonic transducers is available for level and flow applications. All transducers have been designed for use in Zone 1 hazardous and chemically hostile environments. Pulsonic Technologies transducers used in flow measurement operate at the highest frequency in the market and offer the greatest resolution and accuracy available.

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