Pulsonic Hydrocell 2

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Pulsonic Waste Water Samplers

The Pulsonic Waste Water Samplers is one of the latest additions to the monitoring range from Pulsonic Technologies. In running mode, the Hydrocell 2 takes samples. Once the bottles are full the Sampler stop. The Sample Volume is changed according to a button fitted on the front of the Enclosure.

  • Timed or Triggered input for Waste Water Sampling.

  • Intake Range Up to 7 metres lift.

  • Volume Range 50ml to max bottle volume.

  • Inputs : Manual sample. Trigger input from external flowmeter. Bottle overfill protection (single or twin).

  • Outputs : Twin bottle changeover arm.

  • Programmable features : Sampler Volume. Changeover Time (twin bottle only).