Welcome to Pulsonic Technologies

Pulsonic Technologies , specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of ultrasonic measurement system, waste treatment systems and all areas of water and waste water. The company, committed to introducing the latest material and electronic technologies into all its products, we offers the most advanced range of level and flow products for use in the Process and Water industries. Our range of bacterial treatment allows you to take control of your effluent, and water problems. We are systems renowned for there high performance, ease of use, high quality and reliability.

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Take control of your effluent…

Pulsonic Technologies new range of environmental monitoring stations take total control of your effluent. Two thirds of companies are overcharged on their final effluent bill. With our range monitoring stations, you will never be over charged again.

  • Ph Control
  • Water content analysis
  • Water flow analysis

For all your water and waste water needs Pulsonic Technologies can design and install bespoke systems that suit your needs.

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Odour control

The pulsonic range of bacterial dosing program, again achieves media attention. With the new odour regulations from DEFRA coming into force, the Pulsonic odour control ranage allows you to forget about the odour nuisance.

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