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Flow: Open Channel


Pulsonic Aqualogger

Aqualogger is a complete Flow monitor and multi-channel data logger with integrated printer, computer and modem interface options for retieval of long-term, logged data


Pulsonic Flowmaster V

Flowmaster is a compact Flow monitor with paged display, showing instant flow and totaliser. It also has a 4-20mA output for remote data recovery and 2 relays for autop-sampler activation and alarms.


Pulsonic HVFlo

A high powered intrinsically safe (Zone 0) battery powered Area Velocity flow datalogger for wastewater, stormwater and industrial discharge applications. The instrument is extremely rugged and with an IP68 rating and 120 days of data logging the HVFlo is ideal for flow surveys in partially filled pipes and non standard primary channels, sewers, etc. HVFlo offers an optional telemetry interface via GSM for remote diagnostics and data download.


Pulsonic FloPro

A rugged mains/battery operated area velocity flow meter for open and closed channels. The FloPro is a variant of the HVFlo but is more ideal for fixed site flow monitoring in closed pipes and non-standard primary devices where a flow display is required. It offers many of the HVFlo features such as data logging and telemetry interface but it can also be powered by wind and/or solar power making it ideal for remote sites without mains power.



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