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Pulsonic Flowmaster V

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High Accuracy for Open Channel Flow monitoring.

  • Quick to Install
  • Easy to Programme
  • Easy to maintain

PenMet Flow Master Plus (FMP) is the latest in a range of products developed for open channel flow measurement in flumes and weirs. The controller is available in either a panel mount or IP65 rated field mount enclosure, with the ultrasonic transducer combining an integral temperature sensor housed in a rugged HDPE submersible rated enclosure.

Features include the measurement of real time flow, total flow, distance and air temperature.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a primary device (flume or weir) a simple set up regime enables configuration for BS3680 standard weirs or flumes. A user friendly look-up table is also included to enable the user to configure to other standards.

Calibration couldn't be simpler; confusing parameter programming is out, user friendly menu driven programming is in. Users only have to answer the questions prompted on the display to quickly and confidently programme the unit to operate in their chosen environment.

Coupled with the high-resolution fast firing PenMet 018 ultrasonic sensor, the Flow Master Plus is the market leader for accurate dynamic flow measurement.

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