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Flow: Closed Pipe


Pulsonic FloMag

An advanced range of electromagnetic flow meters for closed pipe flow measurement from 0.00125L/s to 11,300L/s and pipe sizes DN4 to DN200. Available with soft or hard linings with integral and remote display options available.


Pulsonic FLOMIC FL 3085

The battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters of the type-series FLOMIC FL 3085 are intended for measurement and storage of data on instantaneous flow rate and total volume of the liquid passed through the metering point in fully flooded pipng of large sizes. Of the measured fluid it is only required that it allows for undisturbed propagation of ultrasonic waves. The high measurement precision is achieved thanks to the calibration of the flowmeters performed on a testing rig.


Pulsonic FLOMIC FL 102X

FLOMIC FL 102X are ultrasonic water flow meters for convenient measurements of instantaneous flow rate and flow volume values; the measured data are easy to read, and the meter itself is very reliable and requires only simple maintenance procedures.


Pulsonic SONOTHERM SN 3030

The SONOTHERM meters measure the absolute values of heat transferred by flowing water. They are typically used as commercial meters for closed-loop heat-supply water systems.


Pulsonic FLOMIC FL 3005

Ultrasonic flow meters have been designed for industrial application where they can measure flow rate of a wide range of liquid media, whether electrically conductive or not, including specific corrosive liquids. The scope of application for ultrasonic flow meters covers many functions in practically all industry lines.