flomicfl 3085

Pulsonic Flomic
FL 3085

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The battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters of the type-series FLOMIC FL 3085 are intended for measurement and storage of data on instantaneous flow rate and total volume of the liquid passed through the metering point in fully flooded pipng of large sizes.

Of the measured fluid it is only required that it allows for undisturbed propagation of ultrasonic waves. The high measurement precision is achieved thanks to the calibration of the flowmeters performed on a testing rig. The FLONET FL 3085 flow meter does not require an external power source; the guarranteed battery lifetime is 4 years. The electronic accessories of the meter make possible, apart from measurement and visualization of the data on instantaneous flow rate and aggregate volume of the fluid passed through the meter, storage of the data measured in regular intervals in own data logger, and data communication via standard electrical outputs to a master control system.