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Pulsonic Technologies - Aqualogger


Aqualogger is a
complete Flow monitor and multi-channel data logger with
integrated printer, computer and modem interface options
for retieval of long-term, logged data.

Pulsonic Technologies - Flowmaster


Flowmaster is a
compact Flow monitor with paged display, showing instant
flow and totaliser. It also has a 4-20mA output for
remote data recovery and 2 relays for autop-sampler
activation and alarms

Pulsonic Technologies - Aquaflow-420


Aquaflow is an
industry first. It is a true 4-20mA smart flow
transmitter, which is simply programmed using a laptop or
a personal organizer. The 4-20mA output is flow
proportional for all BS3680 flumes and weirs and a 24
look-up table is also available for non-standard

Pulsonic Technologies - Portable Flowmeter

Portable Flowmeter – PFM2000

The PFM2000 is an
advanced portable flowmeter with data logging facilities.
Data is downloaded to p.c. using our windows based
Inquisitor software. Housed in a robust weatherproof and
crushproof enclosure the PFM2000 is a robust field device
capable of continuous monitoring for up to 7 days without
recharge. Longer periods can be achieved with additional
battery packs or auxiliary wind and solar power packs.

Pulsonic Technologies - 2001 Waste Water Sampler

2001 Waste Water Sampler

The 2001 waste water
sampler is available in single, double and 24 bottle
variants. Based on the tried and tested peristaltic pump
the 2001 sampler offers excellent reliability, ease of
programming and sampling regimes of time, flow and non-uniform
time. Housed in a tough waterproof structural foam
enclosure the 2001 can lift up to 8 metres.

Pulsonic Technologies - Sludge Blanket

Sludge Blanket

The Avocet monitors
the sedimentation and scum accumulation in any number of
remote tanks on a water treatment site either local to
the tank or via transmission to a control room. The
Avocet primarily combines the technologies of ultrasonic
measurement and radio telemetry to achieve this

Pulsonic Technologies - Transducers


Pulsonic Technologies
manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic transducers for
level and flow measurement. All transducers have been
designed for use in hazardous and chemically hostile
environments. For flow measurement, Pulsonic Technologies
offers the highest operating frequency and thereby the
highest measurement resolution available in the market.

Pulsonic Technologies - BP9 pH and Redox

pH and Redox

The BP9 pH and redox
controllers offer a low cost solution and are inclusive
of changeover relay, with a fully adjustable Hi and Lo
control set point. The more advanced BP93 series offers
in addition a second relay that can be configured as an
alarm device and a choice of isolated 0-20 mA or 4-20mA

Pulsonic Technologies - Conductivity

Monitors – CM90 Series

The CM90 series of
conductivity monitors are available in IP66 panel mount
or field mount enclosures. Displaying conductivity,
resistivity and ppm units the MCD is optionally available
with isolated 4-20mA output, up to 4 relays and on/off,
time and pulse proportional control options. Operating
range 0.055µS/cm to 1000mS/cm the CM90.

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Pulsonic Technologies - Primary devices

Primary devices

Pulsonic Technologies
offer a full range of flumes, weir tank and plates,
available in either GRP or plastic. We will advise in the
design of your primary device to ensure it meets your
flow profile.

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Pulsonic Technologies - Weatherproof Kiosks


Pulsonic Technologies
offer a standard range of robust weatherproof GRP
instrument kiosks inclusive of backboard. Customised
shapes and sizes can be made to customer drawings.

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Pulsonic Technologies - Design / Service / Installation

/ Service / Installation

Pulsonic Technologies
have in-house design and application engineers who will
ensure your environnemental monitoring system will
conform to exacting operational conditions. Our
experienced service engineers are available to install
and commission system and to provide an after sales
facility to ensure years of trouble free operation.

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