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Pulsonics Grease Buster is an innovative, self contained eco-friendly solution for maintaining drains and grease traps in hot food establishments. Designed to comply with building rgulations part H, it ensures that drain pipes and grease traps are kept free from blockages arising from heavy fat, oils, greases and food deposits. The system utilizes patented eco-friendly bacterial technology that first breaks down grease and fats and then digests them as a food source. This ensures efficient and effective drain cleansing without the use of harsh chemicals. In addition to maintaining drains, the bacteria also eradicate foul smelling odours that often eminate from drains in food establishments.

What is the Grease Buster liquid?

The Grease Buster liquid is the result of over 5 years research into grease and wastewater management. Grease Buster uses a multi spore blend of 14 strains of bacteria and biological enzymes. These strains of natural, non-genetically modified bacteria have been chosen because of their synergistic and natural properties to combat all forms of fat, oil and grease build up, all commonly found in commercial kitchens.

The unique bacterial formulation is designed to be resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals and pH environments, although indescriminate use of harmful chemicals can cause an unbalanced platform for the bacteria to develop.

Where should Grease Buster be installed?

The Grease Buster system is developed to comply with all legislation, particularly building regulations part H, 2.12. Grease Buster is designed to combat fat, oil , and grease build up in all commercial kitchens, which lead to blocked drains. The Grease Buster formula can also compliment current systems, such as grease traps and physical removal systems. Designed to be a ‘fit and forget’ system, the Grease Buster is attatched to the drainage system next to the first drain or dishwasher.
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