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Pulsonic Technologies Biological Waste Bacterial Treatment Plants provide processing companies with the means and processes to significantly reduce their final effluent bill by breaking down organic compounds in the waste.

Our natural biological products are used in the petroleum, food and agriculture, and hazardous waste industries to degrade target substances in waste water systems.

Waste producing entities such as food service facilities and processing operations can assist muncipal waste water treatment plants by using this biotechnology  to augment and  accelerate the natural recycling process. Pulsonic Technologies provides industry with a taylored series of bilogical digestants – 100% natural products that reduce contaminent levels in wastewater by degrading waste at its source.

As an effective alternative to expensive DAF plants, Pulsonic Technologies often saves its treatment plant customers up to 50% on their trade effluent bill. By reducing the total COD and BOD levels (used to calculate trade effluent bills), the treatment plant can often pay for its self in as little as 12-18 months.
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