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Bionetix UK produces biological waste treatment products that are
used in thousands of field applications worldwide. The Biological
Series of products are among the earliest products introduced by
Bionetix UK , and can be found in use in countless food
preparation and processing locations in the United States , Europe, and
South America , and have been accepted for use by numerous
municipalities around the world.

The people at Bionetix UK are trained experts in the field of bioremediation technology. One of the keys to success for us is our exceptional technical support. Bionetix UK provides sophisticated laboratory testing for its customers. In fact, prior to most field applications of Bionetix UK products, pre-treatment evaluations are required to accurately determine the treat ability of the substance.

we have offices worldwide, laboratories and manufacturing plants that
enable us to keep our costs low and provide a superior quality product
at a lower price to the end user.

Bionetix UK has an extensive client base and we have found a new
trend forming where by many formulators and manufactures use our
produced concentrated liquids to produce and enhance their finished

Our product performance chart, recommendations, and case histories are available upon request.