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Pulsonic Aqualogger

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The Aqualogger will perform all the necessary measurement and recording of effluent variables you will require to meet present legislation and comply with regulatory bodies, such as the Environmental Agency and water authorities.

Pulsonic Technologies advanced effluent monitoring system brings together the latest measurement technology to offer this complete solution in a single wall mounted enclosure. This user-friendly system continuously monitors pH, temperature, flow, and may be supported by an auto-sampler for effluent collection.

Included is a versatile data logger and printer specially programmed to automatically generate hard copy reports and provide down loading to a laptop PC.

Integral to this system is a user friendly set-up facility to configure for BS3680 primary devices (flumes and weirs). Other non-standard structures can be computed utilising a 25-point look up table.

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement to BS3680 requires a "PRIMARY DEVICE" to enable accurate monitoring. The recommended options are:

British Standard Flume

"V" Notch Weir Plate

Rectangular Weir Plate

Look-up table

Flow Meter

Designed to BS3680 standards the flow meter consists of an easily programmable unit, which measures instantaneous volumetric flow, total flow, flow for programmed interval, pH and temperature. It includes four relays for auto-sampling and/or high and low level alarms. The associated IP68 transducer is of a compact design and includes an integral temperature sensor.

When in its run state the unit can be scrolled back through the previous 3 record intervals which are generated on the units 4 line display, or alternatively a manual print out can be obtained at the push of a button.

Data Logger

The data logger comes with an optional mini printer and may be programmed to produce a printer ticket of data collected within a record interval; 1 to 24hours as selected. The logger memory will hold up to 56 days data at logging intervals of 5 minutes. The memory is a non-volatile warp around type where current data automatically supersedes existing data when the memory becomes full. The unit can be downloaded to a hand held minicomputer or modem.

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