aqualogger spec

Aqualogger Specifications

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Range Up to 6 metres
Resolution 1mm
  • +/- % of measured distance
  • High Resolution 80Khz sensor
  • 4 lines by 20 characters/line
  • Displays: Flow, Distance, Total Flow, Interval Flow volume, pH, Temperature, Date and Time

Manual scroll feature allows user to view last three records

  • Galvanically isolated 4-20mA into 500 ohms
  • RS232/422 for communications and Data download
4-20mA range 0-14 for pH measurement
  • 4 programmable relay outputs SPCOcontact rated at 5A 230VAC non-inductive
  • 1 lost echo relay
  • LED indication of relay status.
Data Logger
  • 125k of non-volotile memory; 56 days@ 15 minute intervals.
  • Two line LCD programming and status display
  • Indication of distance, level, volume and weight in tonnes
  • LED’s for relay/echo status and power.
  • IP65 rated wall mounting type
  • 263Wx217Hx132D (mm)
Power Supply Selectable 115/230VAC@20VA or fcatory set 24V AC/DC
Printer Option
  • Dot Matrix 42 column, 1.7 line/sec
  • Integral power supply


Programmable Features

Calibration Menu

  • User Friendly programming of weirs, flumes and look up tables.
  • Relay control for flow proportional sampling of level alarms.
  • Damping Filter
  • Date and Time
  • Log interval (2mins to 1 hour).
  • Record interval (1 hour to 24 hours).
  • Printer Enable/Disable.

Windows Software

  • Advanced windows based software for auto or manual download either direct to a pc or via a modem.
  • Full analytical package for tabular and graphical trend analysis and display.