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What Happens to Sewage Water

What happens to sewage water is a question that is asked quite often. It is an important question because sewage systems have to deal with high amounts of pressure, wastewater is rich in nutrients that can cause severe contamination if it does not get released into the environment. Once in the environment, it may be […]

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Using Activated Sludge For Wastewater Treatment

With the emerging of advanced technologies for wastewater treatment, there are better options for waste disposal. Wastewater treatment can easily help reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and ammonia into the atmosphere. The best treatment that a wastewater treatment facility can provide is by its use of activated sludge, which acts as an effective replacement […]

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Is Tap Water Really Safe to Drink?

What is the problem with tap water quality and how do you know if you need to worry? Tap water contains chlorine, bacteria, parasites, traces of metals, lead, fluoride, nitrates, and other chemicals. The range of contaminants in tap water is so wide that you could easily get ill if you drink tap water regularly, […]

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How to Plan For Water Shortages

Most people don’t think of how to plan for water shortages when they are planning their home. The most common reason for this is that most people aren’t aware of the risks involved with over-extraction, or depletion. That is, the rate at which the environment is being depleted and water sources are being depleted, for […]

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What Is Biological Sewage Treatment?

What is biological sewage treatment? It is the process of cleaning waste, such as pet waste, from water to make it safe for humans to drink. Although sewage contains bacteria and other harmful microbes, it is treated by a separate process. Many rivers and streams contain a large volume of organic waste, such as food, […]

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Where Does Waste Water Go?

As one of the largest and most common sources of drinking water in the world, water has been used to dispose of wastewater, which are a mixture of human waste, biological waste, pharmaceutical waste, commercial, industrial, and domestic wastes. However, most of the water in use in our homes, industries, and agricultural industry are recycled […]

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Computers – Hitting the Environment

The popularity of computers has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. More people have begun to realize the significant benefits they have brought into their lives, but for some people, the ease and convenience have resulted in them becoming very dissatisfied with the environment they are leaving behind. Computers are no longer […]

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Tips on Water Conservation – Recycling Water to Improve Environment

With water conservation at an all time high and the state of our environment deteriorating, it’s important to get the most out of the water we all use. Reusing waste water is one of the best ways to help save the environment. If you were to stop using your water for drinking, washing your car […]

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Rain Water – How Can You Save Money?

When people hear of rain water harvesting, they think about purchasing a tank and storing it in the backyard. Yet, in reality, there are different ways to utilize rainwater. More importantly, however, many people forget that rain water is not only great for drinking. It also has a myriad of beneficial applications. If you own […]

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Various Uses For Your Waste Water

If you’re looking for an effective way to utilize the water in your home, then it’s time to learn more about your waste water. Water that is collected from the various fixtures throughout your home can be used for many different things. There are a lot of things that can be done with this valuable […]